Before taking his own life, an elven wizard translated ancient prophecies of a massive magical armageddon – the walls between the dimensions were collapsing, letting deadly horrors into this world to destroy and kill at will. Unable to stop the coming apocalypse, the races of the surface world banded together and created underground citadels called Kaers – sealed bunkers where people could hide, and ride out the storm.

That was over 450 years ago. Generations have been born, lived their lives, and died in the bunker, never seeing the sun or the stars. One (or both) of your parents was part of a scouting mission, the first to leave the bunker since the massive doors closed the first time. Unfortunately, the outside world wasn’t yet safe, and there were few survivors.

Now, years later, things are stirring in the Kaer – tensions are getting hot, and whispers abound. You and your compatriots may be the only people who can see the inhabitants of your town into the light of the surface world, before they tear themselves apart from within.

Seekers of Truth