Seekers of Truth

Chafing at Authority

As the heroes made their way out of the Purification Chamber with the bodies of the murdered workers, they were confronted by a group of town guards (including their friend Harann) under the command of Dalarus, father of Hadarai and protector of the citadel’s wards. He did not seem pleased to see them.

Able to convince him that they weren’t to blame, he did however force them to promise to keep things quiet… if word got out that something alien was inside the citadel, the townsfolk would panic. While he investigated the creature, they were to look into Blackthorn’s cousin Tarren.

Tracking down his living quarters to a seldom used section of the mines, the heroes found it filled with insects of all shapes and sizes – Tarren had been collecting all of the bugs he could find in the citadel. And this may have led to his downfall… moving some pages of scribbled notes, the team found a tray containing 4 large empty crystal eggs. Could the tentacled creature have come from one of these eggs? And if so, what happened to the other three?

As they were preparing to leave, they heard the sounds of approaching footsteps – two orcs and a half-orc, discussing some questionable activities. This peaked the interest of Gorram, who jumped to confront them; the thugs work for Marrek, the major gangleader in the citadel, and insulting him drove Kraggo to take a swing at Gorram. A brief scuffle later and the orcs were down, but the half-orc ran off after a heated exchange with Ralix Graal. Intimidated by the heroes, the orcs explained their part in the gang, and disclosed the theft that they were talking about – a burglarized warehouse.



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