Seekers of Truth

Into the Sewers

A crappy job, but someone has to do it...

While binding their wounds and cleaning the bug guts off their weapons, the team attempted to do a bit of investigation as to what had caused the insect attack. Harann was busy with his guards and needed to restore order to the marketplace, so the remaining heroes (Blackthorn, Gorram, Hadarai, and Ralix Graal) questioned the witnesses and scoped around for clues.

An old bitter woman had seen a burly humanoid (possibly of Orcish blood) dressed in a thick leather coat and waterproof hat staring at the combat from out of an alleyway. Blackthorn followed his trail of sewage and filth back to a tiny drain, no bigger than a dinner plate. Whoever this was, it appeared that he came up from below.

As the others fanned out looking for a way to access the sewers, Ralix Graal had a brief discussion with Sister Valda, a dwarven priestess from his temple. As her duties involve caring for the dead, she had come to the marketplace to see to the remains of the merchant who died in the insect attack.

Finding an access doorway that opened onto a steep ladder, the team made their way into the sewers, fairly quickly finding themselves under the marketplace fountain. Here they found fresh tracks and lots of dead insects, and the team followed these signs of infestation deeper into the sewers, where they were attacked by a more dangerous insects. Barely fighting off the attack, the team noticed a waterlogged corpse in a sewer pit – a dead half-orc who seemed to match the description given to them earlier.

Toting the corpse, the heroes looked for a way out of the sewers so they could rest for the night.



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