Seekers of Truth

Pest Control

Cleaning up the Problem

As the team caught their breath from battle, they heard a noise coming from a storage area… preparing for another fight, they were surprised to see Keller, a halfling sorcerer, and another child of legacy. He told of being trapped when his partner had been killed in an insect attack, and had been fighting a running battle with them for a number of hours. He proved to be very knowledgeable about the sewers and water purification area, and volunteered to accompany them into the final fight.

Making their way downstairs, Keller told them about what they were about to see – a bound water elemental which magically purifies the water in the sewers, providing fresh drinking water to the entire citadel. But Blackthorn’s cousin had somehow corrupted the elemental’s binding stones, turning the normally pure water into putrid goo. They would need to defeat Tarren and his corrupted elemental without killing it.

Which they managed to do handily – Gorram delaying the elemental while the others cleansed the binding stones and stopped Tarren. He collapsed to the ground, bleeding from dozens of cuts from Hadarai’s cloud of dagger spell. The team gathered around him, only to recoil in horror as a tentacled creature squirmed it’s way out of Tarren’s throat.. what had driven him insane was a being from the Far Realms, which had somehow gotten inside the citadel.



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