Seekers of Truth

Sewers Revisited

Going with the Flow

Hoping to rest for the evening, the heroes went their separate ways after leaving the mysterious corpse in the hands of Harann. Blackthorn went to speak to Elder Edik, the head druid in the Kaer, who answered some questions about druidic magic and swarm druids. Gorram had a brief run-in with a slimy half-elf he knows, who warned him that one of the orcish gangbosses may be gathering forces in the underground. Hadarai spoke with his grandfather Zaristal, who perked up at the idea that his grandson was involved in an adventure. Finally, Ralix Graal returned to the church and spoke with Father Gavril about religious matters.

The next morning, the heroes’ investigations led them to the apartment building of Brek Tarrek, a half-orc laborer in the muckers crew, tasked with cleaning the solid waste out of the sewage before the water is purified and used again. His quarters hinted at a fairly lonely life, but nothing outwardly incriminating. And that’s when more giant bugs attacked…

Battling cockroaches into the hallway, the heroes caught sight of the leader – the same masked and burly humanoid that they had been searching for, who seemed to magically escape up the side of the building. With everyone scrambling up to confront him on the roof, he stepped behind a shed and apparently disappeared down a drainage pipe.

Hot in pursuit of the suspect, the team rushed down into the sewers again, and followed his tracks to the filtration chamber, where the muckers usually work. There they found more bugs to combat, along with their quarry, who finally showed them how he had made his escapes – he can magically transform into a swarm of cockroaches. A well placed flaming sphere from Hadarai burned off his hat and mask, revealing him to be Blackthorn’s cousin, apparently suffering from madness. He collapsed into a swarm of roaches which escaped downwards into the purification chamber, leaving the heroes to catch their breath and follow him.



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