Seekers of Truth

Chafing at Authority

As the heroes made their way out of the Purification Chamber with the bodies of the murdered workers, they were confronted by a group of town guards (including their friend Harann) under the command of Dalarus, father of Hadarai and protector of the citadel’s wards. He did not seem pleased to see them.

Able to convince him that they weren’t to blame, he did however force them to promise to keep things quiet… if word got out that something alien was inside the citadel, the townsfolk would panic. While he investigated the creature, they were to look into Blackthorn’s cousin Tarren.

Tracking down his living quarters to a seldom used section of the mines, the heroes found it filled with insects of all shapes and sizes – Tarren had been collecting all of the bugs he could find in the citadel. And this may have led to his downfall… moving some pages of scribbled notes, the team found a tray containing 4 large empty crystal eggs. Could the tentacled creature have come from one of these eggs? And if so, what happened to the other three?

As they were preparing to leave, they heard the sounds of approaching footsteps – two orcs and a half-orc, discussing some questionable activities. This peaked the interest of Gorram, who jumped to confront them; the thugs work for Marrek, the major gangleader in the citadel, and insulting him drove Kraggo to take a swing at Gorram. A brief scuffle later and the orcs were down, but the half-orc ran off after a heated exchange with Ralix Graal. Intimidated by the heroes, the orcs explained their part in the gang, and disclosed the theft that they were talking about – a burglarized warehouse.

Pest Control
Cleaning up the Problem

As the team caught their breath from battle, they heard a noise coming from a storage area… preparing for another fight, they were surprised to see Keller, a halfling sorcerer, and another child of legacy. He told of being trapped when his partner had been killed in an insect attack, and had been fighting a running battle with them for a number of hours. He proved to be very knowledgeable about the sewers and water purification area, and volunteered to accompany them into the final fight.

Making their way downstairs, Keller told them about what they were about to see – a bound water elemental which magically purifies the water in the sewers, providing fresh drinking water to the entire citadel. But Blackthorn’s cousin had somehow corrupted the elemental’s binding stones, turning the normally pure water into putrid goo. They would need to defeat Tarren and his corrupted elemental without killing it.

Which they managed to do handily – Gorram delaying the elemental while the others cleansed the binding stones and stopped Tarren. He collapsed to the ground, bleeding from dozens of cuts from Hadarai’s cloud of dagger spell. The team gathered around him, only to recoil in horror as a tentacled creature squirmed it’s way out of Tarren’s throat.. what had driven him insane was a being from the Far Realms, which had somehow gotten inside the citadel.

Sewers Revisited
Going with the Flow

Hoping to rest for the evening, the heroes went their separate ways after leaving the mysterious corpse in the hands of Harann. Blackthorn went to speak to Elder Edik, the head druid in the Kaer, who answered some questions about druidic magic and swarm druids. Gorram had a brief run-in with a slimy half-elf he knows, who warned him that one of the orcish gangbosses may be gathering forces in the underground. Hadarai spoke with his grandfather Zaristal, who perked up at the idea that his grandson was involved in an adventure. Finally, Ralix Graal returned to the church and spoke with Father Gavril about religious matters.

The next morning, the heroes’ investigations led them to the apartment building of Brek Tarrek, a half-orc laborer in the muckers crew, tasked with cleaning the solid waste out of the sewage before the water is purified and used again. His quarters hinted at a fairly lonely life, but nothing outwardly incriminating. And that’s when more giant bugs attacked…

Battling cockroaches into the hallway, the heroes caught sight of the leader – the same masked and burly humanoid that they had been searching for, who seemed to magically escape up the side of the building. With everyone scrambling up to confront him on the roof, he stepped behind a shed and apparently disappeared down a drainage pipe.

Hot in pursuit of the suspect, the team rushed down into the sewers again, and followed his tracks to the filtration chamber, where the muckers usually work. There they found more bugs to combat, along with their quarry, who finally showed them how he had made his escapes – he can magically transform into a swarm of cockroaches. A well placed flaming sphere from Hadarai burned off his hat and mask, revealing him to be Blackthorn’s cousin, apparently suffering from madness. He collapsed into a swarm of roaches which escaped downwards into the purification chamber, leaving the heroes to catch their breath and follow him.

Into the Sewers
A crappy job, but someone has to do it...

While binding their wounds and cleaning the bug guts off their weapons, the team attempted to do a bit of investigation as to what had caused the insect attack. Harann was busy with his guards and needed to restore order to the marketplace, so the remaining heroes (Blackthorn, Gorram, Hadarai, and Ralix Graal) questioned the witnesses and scoped around for clues.

An old bitter woman had seen a burly humanoid (possibly of Orcish blood) dressed in a thick leather coat and waterproof hat staring at the combat from out of an alleyway. Blackthorn followed his trail of sewage and filth back to a tiny drain, no bigger than a dinner plate. Whoever this was, it appeared that he came up from below.

As the others fanned out looking for a way to access the sewers, Ralix Graal had a brief discussion with Sister Valda, a dwarven priestess from his temple. As her duties involve caring for the dead, she had come to the marketplace to see to the remains of the merchant who died in the insect attack.

Finding an access doorway that opened onto a steep ladder, the team made their way into the sewers, fairly quickly finding themselves under the marketplace fountain. Here they found fresh tracks and lots of dead insects, and the team followed these signs of infestation deeper into the sewers, where they were attacked by a more dangerous insects. Barely fighting off the attack, the team noticed a waterlogged corpse in a sewer pit – a dead half-orc who seemed to match the description given to them earlier.

Toting the corpse, the heroes looked for a way out of the sewers so they could rest for the night.

Life in the Bubble

Life in Kaer Marzuun is frustrating – trapped inside the three domes of the underground fortress, bumping elbows with thousands of fellow refugees in the bunker, knowing that just a few hundred feet over your heads is the outside world. But no one knows what lies outside the massive front door of the Kaer – it could be a world of peace and freedom, but it could also still be the same world of death and destruction that forced your ancestors to seek shelter in the underground bunker in the first place, nearly 450 years ago.

A few young inhabitants of the bunker have raised troubling questions in the minds of some of their fellow citizens. These youths are related to the first and only group of scouts to ever be allowed to leave the Kaer, nearly 20 years ago. Unfortunately, that scouting mission ended in tragedy, with the only survivor being a severely wounded Dragonborn warlord.

The whispers about these youths, the sons and siblings of the previous scouting mission, is that they are somehow marked – will they be the next group allowed outside the gate? Will they find as gruesome of a fate as their predecessors?

Or will they find that the surface is finally safe? Will the gate finally be allowed to swing wide, letting the frustrated inhabitants of Kaer Marzuun out into a new world?

Some of the youths are in positions of relative power. Harann, a Dragonborn warlord and son to the only survivor, is an officer and trainer in the City Guard. Ralix Graal is a well-liked half-orc priest of justice in the fortress’ church. And Hadarai follows close to his eladrin heritage as a wizard, helping his family in their duty keeping up the wards that defend the Kaer.

On the other hand, there is Blackthorn, a shifter ranger from the nature dome, who often speaks out about the effects that life in the dome is having on his people. And also the dwarf battlemind, his real name nearly forgotten, as virtually everyone who encounters him calls him “Gorram”.

Gathering together as they always do on the anniversary of the scouting mission, the five friends were discussing possibilities at an inn-yard when a massive swarm of bugs began pouring out of a fountain. Acting quickly, they managed to defeat some giant cockroaches and hornets while saving the lives of some innocent bystanders.

Trouble is brewing in Kaer Marzuun. Will they be enough to stop it?

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